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New Trading Platform Features are Available

New trading features are now available including improved trailing stops, advanced order entry, multi-leg option spreads and more.

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Regal Syndicate

Regal is pleased to introduce new syndicate product offerings including IPOs, closed-end funds and secondary offerings. Syndicate is a new addition to Regal’s already diversified mix of products and services. Purchasing Syndicate issues is an investment that can be appealing to both conservative and entrepreneurial clients.

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Convenient Cash Management

While the primary goal of a brokerage account is investing, you can also utilize your account for easy access to funds with checking, and Visa check cards. For added flexibility and if you need access to cash, set up a margin account to borrow against your existing investment portfolio as collateral. Margin lending rates are 1/2 point above the current Broker Call Rate.

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About Regal

In today’s market, access to a solid firm and experienced brokers is as important as product diversification. After over 30 years, Regal continues to be a top provider of online investing, efficient execution and service.